Campaign Field Reports From The VOTEGTR Team

We’re pretty passionate about campaigns and elections, and we like to share our experiences from the field with the people we work with and for. 

Jul 22 2020

How and Why VOTEGTR Video Campaigns Will Help Your Candidacy

Ever wonder how some candidates seem to cut through the clutter on social media?  When it comes to Social Media engagement, why does it seem like some campaigns have the wind at their back? Social Media is a complicated thing these days.  More than ever, candidates are competing for attention in a space cluttered ...
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Digital Campaigning During Covid 19 Featured

Jul 1 2020

4 Key Political Campaign Strategies To Make The Most Out of July 4th During COVID-19

In states around the country, annual Fourth of July celebrations are being canceled to prevent the spread of COVID-19 cases.  For political campaigns, these cancellations represent the loss of an essential grassroots organizing opportunity, and it is emblematic of the challenges candidates face during this pandemic. Independence Day parades represent more than just a ...
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Jun 17 2020

Volunteer Ideas: When to Say Yes, When To Say No

I like to tell my clients that it is harder to run for local offices such as County Executive, Commissioner, and/or State Representative than it is to run for statewide offices like U.S. Senate or Governor.  Sometimes Campaign Volunteers Can Kill Your Campaign It's true.  Sure, your competitive statewide candidates have to deal with ...
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Jun 17 2020

When Is It Okay For Political Campaigns To Re-Launch Fundraising Campaigns?

A lot of candidates I know are afraid of fundraising. I know, I know…no one likes asking for money. Not exactly a big revelation. But that's not the point I'm trying to make here with this post. If our campaign re-starts our fundraising efforts, will we risk coming off as insensitive given everything that ...
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Jun 17 2020

2 Simple Ways Your Campaign Can Score Quick Wins This Summer

It's a strange time to be a political candidate these days. With COVID-19 and the #BlackLivesMatter Protests taking place in cities and communities all over the United States, the rules of civic engagement are literally being re-written daily. Is it okay to canvas neighborhoods?Is it okay to schedule fundraisers?Is it okay to share your ...
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May 18 2015

If there is one thing that most politicians are good at…

If there is one thing that most politicians are good at, it’s showing up places. In the political world, I’ve never met a candidate not completely hell bent on attending as many dinners, parades, coffee’s, fundraisers, club meetings - you name it - as humanly possible. And for good reason. Candidates know most voters won’t ...
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