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Now your campaign can deploy high-quality, engaging video content using technology normally only available by State and National candidates.

Regardless of your campaign's size, the VOTEGTR Creative Team can help you reach voters using Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Connected TV.

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The High-Quality Video Content Your Campaign Deserves

VOTEGTR hands you video content that effectively showcases your personality, skills, and message. Now you can humanize your candidacy, convey your authenticity, and create an emotional connection with voters.

Perfect for television, streaming and/or social media, VOTEGTR video solutions are a cost-effective way to increase your campaign's presence, reach the right voters, and ultimately beat your competition.

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Ramp Up Your Online Campaign Today.

With VOTEGTR, your campaign can target voters on each of these platforms:

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With VOTEGTR behind you, your campaign can:

✔️  Fundraise
✔️  Engage Outspoken Supporters
✔️  Survey Voters
✔️  Get-Out-The-Vote 

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